Scientific congress "Croatia and Croatians in past and present network"

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Croatian Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, an international scientific congress “Croatia and Croatians in past and present network” was held from September 19 to 21this year, with experts from all over the world which deal various aspects and topics from the Croatian culture, science and economy.

The Croatian Academy of Science and Art participated in the celebration of this anniversary by staging two multimedia exhibitions on the world-known Croatian greats: Marin Getaldić: The Beginnings of Modern Mathematics by Dr. Sc. Marijana Borić and Faust Vrančić in Context of European Heritage by Dr. Sc. Marijana Borić and Nela Marasović from the National and University Library in Zagreb.

After Maquarie University, exhibitions will also be staged in other cities in Australia for as many visitors as possible.

We are proud to be part of Dr. Sc. Marijana Borić ”Get to Know the Croatian Scientific Heritage’’ project by which our heritage and the heritage of our Faust are affirmed nationally and internationally.

Memorijalni centar

"Faust Vrančić"

Ulica I 1a

22233  Prvić Luka

otok Prvić

All rights reserved Memorijalni

centar "Faust Vrančić" 2019.


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