Memorial Center “Faust Vrančić”

The Memorial Center "Faust Vrančić" was opened in September 2012 as a result of a successful project provided by the local community co-financed by EU funds. The main part of the exhibition is situated on the ground floor of the building, while on the terrace of the upper floor, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, there are outdoor models of Faust's inventions in natural size and a caffe bar where you can enjoy the view on Prvić Luka bay with refreshments.

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Memorial center

"Faust Vrančić"

Ulica I 1a

22233  Prvić Luka

island of Prvić

All rights reserved Memorijalni

centar Faust Vrančić 2019.


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The project is co-financed from
EU pre-accession funds

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