Did you know that Faust has invented the first functional parachute? Come and find out in what area did Faust also excel at!

Welcome to the website of the Memorial Center “Faust Vrančić” dedicated to the figure, work and legacy of the great Croatian inventor, lexicographer, polyglot, philosopher, theologian and polyhistor. Find out what this visionary, who picked island of Prvić for his last resting place, has left to us.

What awaits you here?

● Contemporary multimedia and interactive content which is interesting and attractive for all generations

● Models of Faust’s invention

● Professional and friendly staff

What will you discover here?

● Interesting facts from the life of Faust Vrančić and his family

● All about his inventions and literary work

● All that makes Faust a man ahead of his time as well as the reasons for the recognition of his name in Croatia and the world

What is our mission?

● Promotion of life and work of Faust Vrančić through exhibition, professional guides, lectures, workshops, manifestations and cooperation with other institutions and individuals

● Preservation and promotion of the heritage of the island of Prvić through cooperation with the local community


Explore island of Prvić – an island without cars -connected with Vodice and Šibenik by ferry line- and its two picturesque villages Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurine

​How did Faust come up with the idea of making a parachute?​

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Memorial center

"Faust Vrančić"

Ulica I 1a

22233  Prvić Luka

island of Prvić

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centar Faust Vrančić 2019.


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