Visit to our Memorial Center as part of the BUY CROATIA - NAUTICA 2019 Business Workshop

Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board is hosting for the second time the BUY CROATIA – NAUTICA 2019 Business Workshop in the period from September 29th to October 3rd as part of a specialized study tour and in cooperation with abroad representations and the Head Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board.

During their study visit to our county, agents visited island of Prvić and our Memorial Center yesterday, October 1st.

The aim of the study tour is to get to know the Croatian nautical product better in the destination – the business workshop enables the agents to meet the providers of the Croatian tourist and nautical economy service.

Memorijalni centar

"Faust Vrančić"

Ulica I 1a

22233  Prvić Luka

otok Prvić

All rights reserved Memorijalni

centar "Faust Vrančić" 2019.


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