Themed walk "Through Šibenik with Faust"

On Saturday, January 18th, a very interesting and interactive themed walk “Through Šibenik with Faust” took place, led by our employee Zlatka Rodin, a member of the Association of tourist guides “Mihovil” Šibenik. Many visitors learned some interesting details about the life of Faust Vrančić at the authentic locations of his hometown.

It is no coincidence that this walk was organized in the month of January, because January is the month in which we mark two anniversaries; of his birth and death.
The walk began in front of the monastery of St. Francis, near the house where Faust was born, and ended up in the Šibenik City Museum, where visitors could see some of the original Faust’s works.

The first in a series of themed walks was attended by a lot of people from Šibenik, and we at the Center are very pleased to see such a big interest for our great Croatian inventor.

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