Theme excursion from Pirovac to island of Prvić

For the fifth year in a row, the Pirovac Tourist Board organizes a thematic excursion from Pirovac to the island of Prvić to visit Faust. The theme of this year’s excursion is the marriage connections of two noble families from Šibenik, Draganić and Vrančić, who were connected by the last descendant of the Vrančićs, Margarita and Franjo Draganić in 1737 when they got married and since then the family has been given the surname Draganić-Vrančić.

The link between the Vrancic-Draganic family and Pirovac is in the fact that between 1500 and 1503 the Draganić family purchased Pirovac and large quantities of land in the hinterland. They built defensive fortifications to fight the Turks and the church and thus became hereditary counts of Pirovac.

Memorijalni centar

"Faust Vrančić"

Ulica I 1a

22233  Prvić Luka

otok Prvić

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centar "Faust Vrančić" 2024.


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