Lecture: The World Story of Croatian Polyhistor Faust Vrančić

29th of June 2019 – Today Ph.D. Marijana Borić, our always beloved guest and external associate of the Memorial Center “Faust Vrančić”, held a lecture for students of the Summer School of Croatian Language and Culture entitled “The World Story of Croatian Polyhistor Faust Vrančić”.

As head of the project “Meet the Croatian Scientific Heritage” and scientific associate at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, Marijana Borić succeeds in approaching to children and adults while lecturing about Croatian historical figures, such as Getaldić, Bošković and Vrančić, and highlights their contribution to the development of science through the centuries. The aim of the project is the popularization and affirmation of Croatian historical scientific heritage in Croatia as well as abroad.

Our Center is a partner on this project from the very beginning and we are very pleased to continue this cooperation.

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