Lecture "The Handshake of Leonardo da Vinci and Faust Vrančić" in Italy

Yesterday, October 21st, at the Gorizia Cultural Center, a lecture entitled “The Handshake of Leonardo da Vinci and Faust Vrančić” was held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death and as part of the project “Leonardo Without Borders”. Andrea Bellavite spoke about da Vinci and Zlatka Rodin introduced our Faust Vrančić. Gorazd Humar, a bridge engineer, spoke about Faust`s bridges from a technical point of view.

This lecture was held this summer at our Center in Prvić Luka. An exhibition of Faust’s inventions took place in the lobby of the Cultural Center.
We would like to thank to our host Igor Komel, the president of the Gorizia Cultural Center for excellent hospitality. The Gorizia Cultural Center is the center of a Slovenian national minority in Italy.

Memorial center

"Faust Vrančić"

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