Lecture "Handshake of Leonardo da Vinci and Faust Vrančić"

On Monday, July 8th 2019, starting at 7 pm, lecture titled “Handshake of Leonardo da Vinci and Faust Vrančić” was held in our Center. The lecture was  held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci as a part of the project “Limitless Leonardo”, conducted by the Gorica Cultural Center in Italy.

The Gorica Cultural Center has been operating since 1981 and it is an important center and venue for meeting Slovenian, Italian and Furlan culture in the Goričan region. The president of the house is Igor Komel, who spends his summer days in Prvić Šepurine.

On this occasion we have, among many interesting facts, found out what these two renaissance genius and visionaries have in common, which of their inventions we still use and how did they develop their ideas and anticipate the laws of physics and mechanics.


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