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What is common to Robert Knjaz, the British MasterChef and Faust Vrančić?!

Last weekend, the island of Prvić and the Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre were places where television sets were prepared. Specifically, on the island two media projects were recorded, Croatian Greats produced by our most popular humorous TV host Robert Knjaz, author of the popular TV shows called Exchange, Dressing room and Around the World with a Baseball Jacket as well as a gourmet itinerary show in the English language called Croatia's Finest.

The series titled Croatian Greats is a new historical documentary and entertainment project that we will be able to watch in autumn on channel one of HRT. The series consists of 8 episodes where we will present significant historical figures in Croatia. Each episode lasts 45 minutes and will present the greats such as Ban Jelačić, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Stjepan Radić, Nikola Tesla, Marin Držić. "The goal is to familiarise viewers and reconstruct what kind of people they were as well as show history in a fun and fluent way,”' says Knjaz. Each series will endeavour to discover new information about historical figures that are not taught at school, and then compare life then with today's lifestyle and try to imagine life during the time in which the protagonist from the series lived. We think that Robert Knjaz in his own humorous way has succeeded in popularizing our Faust and has made history interesting for the audience, which otherwise don’t normally prefers documentaries and historical topics.

Croatia's Finest is the first big Croatian culinary travelogue in the English language, recorded across entire Croatia and whose star is British chef Dhruv Baker, winner of the British MasterChef. Numbering twenty episodes, and each lasting 25 minutes, the goal is to show the cuisine of Croatia, Croatian towns, its natural beauty and Croatian products. In each episode, the British MasterChef, Dhruv Baker, visits Croatian cities and towns that offer an authentic cuisine while looking for new cuisine experiences and discoveries. Although cuisines are the primary goal of Dhruv’s research, he also visits all the major tourist attractions in order to become familiar with the overall picture of each site he visits. On Saturday morning he visited Šepurina where he presented the traditional way of salting anchovies, and in Prvić Luka he cooked lamb with artichokes as they were prepared at the time of Faust. The aim of the show is to show millions of viewers Croatian cuisine, Croatian cultural heritage and history, as well as Croatian tourist destinations, attractions and products. At present, the agreement has been to broadcast the Croatia's Finest series in a huge 90 countries which will be broadcasted on the National Geographic Channel. In Croatia, the series is shown on Croatian Radio and Television.

Born in Mexico and raised in India and Tanzania, this lover of world cuisine has also conveyed his experiences to his London Jolly Gardeners restaurant and his recently published cookbook Spice. It was the spices that were most credit for Dhruv’s victory at the 2010 British MasterChef, where the finals were watched on the small screen by seven million islanders. This charismatic British chef, is a regular guest on BBC’s most popular show called the Good Food Channel, and is a regular star chef at the world's culinary festivals, such as the Dubai Food Festival. One of the world's culinary authorities, John Torode, has given Dhruv the epithet of "extraordinary cook with a palate of an angel.” Baker can boast of the fact that his role model is Gordon Ramsey called him and let him choose in which of his three restaurants he would like to work.