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Marking the occasion of the 21st Educational Museum Action for Faust

The Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre participated this year also in the Educational Museum Action - EMA organised by the Section for Museum Education and Cultural Attraction before the Croatian Museum Association. This action is being held for the 21st time on the occasion of International Museum Day titled KLIK on the cultural landscape and runs from 18 April to 18 May in more than seventy museums and related institutions across Croatia. Although a derivation, the theme of this year's Educational Museum Action KLIK (cultural landscape or Kulturni krajoLIK) offers different interpretations, to which various museums can relate to, in terms of their holdings and current exhibitions and educational projects. Specifically, KLIK is a sound that is heard very often in the modern world and is linked mostly to the modern technology of today's world (KLIK produces photos, video footage, various appliances are switched on and off, including cars, aircraft, but klik is also associated with the use of social media and connecting people around the world via the popular "liking”). We shouldn’t forget that the klik can also be connect with items, devices or apparatus from the past.

In addition, the content and programmes as part of this year's educational museum action can also thematise the cultural landscape in a broader sense, which by definition includes any human intervention in the natural environment: whether it be entire natural environments, individual heritage items or structures (buildings , complexes, sites) located in the landscape, items/indicators that document, display, and remind of changes in the landscape over time, or, even, by examples that encourage evaluation and protection of today's (still) preserved landscape.

The theme of the 21st educational project was selected in part in connection on ICOM's theme for the 2016 International Museum Day. "Museums and the Cultural Landscape”, which further emphasizes the mission of museums as an institution responsible except for heritage which are kept in museums, and for the heritage in their environment, i.e. the preservation of the cultural landscape. The Memorial Centre will mark this action on Saturday, May 7th, when in the period from 4- 6 pm it will hold a workshop for children and parents called Traditional Dalmatian Architecture. The aim of the workshop is to discover and become aware of the aesthetic and functional value in traditional stone buildings where the basic building element is stone and raise awareness of the value of our architectural heritage that stands out in the island's architecture. See you there!