Amateur actors of the Hvar Folk`s Theater visited us today

Today, January 15th, the amateur actors of the Hvar Folk`s Theater visited our Center, led by their secretary and manager, Mr. Milan Lakoš, who comes originally from the island of Prvić from his father’s side. After sightseeing of the Center, we also visited with them the church of St. Mary of Grace where Faust Vrančić’s resting place is located.
The mostly male population of the Hvar acting community in a really good mood gladly posed for us.
However, Hvar Folk`s Theater is performing in Šibenik with two performances to mark the 150th anniversary of the Šibenik`s theater. Yesterday, at the church of St. Franciscans in Šibenik they performed the second of the two longest running Croatian theater productions “Prikazanje života svetoga Lovrinca mučenika” (Presentation of the Life of St. Lawrence the Martyr) – the first is the legendary Stilske vježbe (Stilistic exercises). Tonight, at 8 pm, they will perform the “Fishing and fishermen’s conversations ” by Petar Hektorović in the Šibenik`s Theater.

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