17th ARCA 2019 International Innovation Exhibition

From October 17 – 19, the 17th ARCA 2019 International Innovation Exhibition was held at the National and University Library in Zagreb. 20 exhibitors from Croatia and 50 exhibitors from Europe and the world participated.

Members of the “Faust Vrančić” Society of Innovators presented three innovations: Guide b, an electric bicycle / platform for communication of tourist contents, popularly called “Talking Bicycle” by Mario and Ivan Ljubičić, Hanging Cargo Stabilizer by Igor Sladoljev and innovation in artistic expression by the art technique of collage on canvas by Stela Dumančić Čuturić.

Ljubičić relatives won the Grand Prix with their Guide b, while a bronze medal went to Stela Dumančić Čuturić for creativity with a collage technique that faithfully portrayed our Faust Vrančić and his flying man – homo volans.

Congratulations on the prizes!

We would like to thank to the president of the Society, Mr. Josip Labura, and congratulate for the twenty years of work of the Society based on persistent and volunteer enthusiasm, creativity and innovation.
We wish you success in your future work!

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